John Saward – July 28, 2017 at 10:39PM

Sitting by the fire; music evening; feeling so very alone; abandoned by this world.

Kim is always in my heart. We keep going. Abandoned or not. It’s a huge action to bring her home.

Sitting by the fire. Music evening. Feeling so very empty. Defeated. No striving left in me. Only trust. In something much larger than this world. We keep going, defeated or not.

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John Saward – July 28, 2017 at 11:29AM

Todays’ prize for best writing goes to, Kelly Stockwell:

“and those who recognized they actually enjoyed the suffering.. not the feelings of despondency perhaps (although in the end, those too) but the freedom of being helpless, unable to cause change in the mad drama of our lives. The notoriety of being beheld by all who knew or met us, in the magnificent “poor me” that we endlessly projected with every breath we took. The intense feelings of righteous indignation at being so unfairly treated by the universe, by “they” who did these hideous things to us, casting us in a lot so poor as t be nearly useless. The massive intensity of those great feelings of hurt and struggle against odds that clearly could not be overcome without the aid of uncaring gods, an intensity so powerful that if felt unnamed could pass for nearly any great magnificent emotion, be what it may called…

and in finally seeing these loves we had, we were able to let suffering go and have it no more, being not in need of it and recognizing thereafter, it’s invitation when it comes…


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