John Saward – July 23, 2018 at 03:55PM

Aside from Facebook I imagine I do my bit by passionately protecting about 100 trees on this property.

Most of the neighbouring blocks are no longer ‘bush’.

The trees in return love Kim and I and are facilitating, via their connections, her return to take care of their sanctuary. 🙂

Thus is my truth and I ride on it. 🙂

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John Saward – July 23, 2018 at 02:56PM

Today got a reference for my work here on Facebook:

“I can only share with you how you have touched me, my life, personally. You have been a continual force of groundedness for me, as much of my life has cycled, often violently, since I met you. You have shown up, you have demonstrated the tenacity that I knew I had within, but had imagined I’d lost. You have offered authenticity, curiosity, depth, and charming humor, even in the face of great challenges and pain. You have pondered the sometimes-inexplicable realities of life, despite repercussions and consequences of asking the most perplexing of questions. You invite deep inquiry, even as you reveal your vulnerabilities (vulnerability is the new strength). You have demonstrated what I’ve always believed: that we have cosmic/soul-contracts with others … and that the most profound connection is that of the soulmate … and that our lives are transformed by them, and by their absence … and by our reconnection. You have been my friend.

When things have been topsy-turvy for me, emotionally, financially, relationally … seeing you here, on Facebook, showing up, showing your heart, showing your soul … it has given me a sense of anchoring. In you, I see myself. Reality-bared. I’ve used you as strength, many times.”

Dena Lynn

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John Saward – July 23, 2018 at 02:37PM

Alejandra Guerrero: “what is the difference between this kind of surrender and the one that takes people to suicide?? suicide also is motivated by unfathomable hopelessness.”

John Saward: Good question Alejandra Guerrero. Confidentially – …. there is no difference. Really. Some of us are fortunate enough to have either resisted the urge to suicide or too cowardly to do so, or to have an inner knowing that it will achieve nothing, the hopelessness will continue ‘on the other side’. The action take in response to the hopelessness is our choice. My own choice is to stay alive regardless.

My own continuing choosing is to feel the hopelessness when it is here (today it is strong), to surrender to it, to allow the ‘universe’ (the ‘primal energy’?) to have its way with me.

Fortunately the universe does not want me to die.

Even with the hopelessness this moment.. this very moment is a blessing.

I hope this makes some sense to you and you can relate.

We are Canaries in the Coal Mine.

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