John Saward – July 20, 2016 at 11:27AM

How to support your local mystic, 101.

1. When the mystic writes his stories like the post. Please. I understand they are only snippets. I understand we think in terms of a writer only gets paid when he writes a whole book. But… To me those snippets, they are gifts like a cat brings a mouse home for her people. A like is a precusssor to a coin in my online buskers hat. Share the post. Engage positively with the intent of direction of the story. Don’t argue with the characters in the story. Encourage progression. Like. share. Engage. If you are not seeing my short story snippets it is because you have not liked them in the past. FB delivers what you express you value. If my writing has no value…. um/.. lets leave it at that.

2. Do the same for the offerings of beginnings the local mystic has provided. The reason for that is the ‘beginnings’ eventually turn into monetary support for the local mystic when they are brought into the light. There is a plan for that. I need your support for the foundations. Please like my page that is the nucleous of my intent to eventually earn money from writing. URL in the comments.

3. Meanwhile the mystic writer has no other choice than to do I.T. to pay the mortgage. Please like and share my offerings of I.T. services.
Preferably even pay me to build you a website.

4. Also my page of Corporate Happiness, has a hidden thread of working together towards income in this area. There are meetings in progress. I need to feel the topic is interestting to people. Please like the page. Read some of the articles. Like those. URL in the comments.

5. Offer me a monthly stipend because you understand if I am fulltime I.T. no mysticisim can arise. Well maybe a bit. Ah. I see now why nobody is offering to be my patron.

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2 thoughts on “John Saward – July 20, 2016 at 11:27AM

  1. I like to take my posts from FB and put them in a file to compile into a future book! I also have you on “see first” so your excellent and interesting posts show up on my Timefeed! Glad I have this in addition so I don’t miss a thing (((John))). ❤

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