John Saward – July 21, 2016 at 11:02AM

Following on from an earlier thread:

What turns misunderstanding into understanding?

Your perspective is invited.

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One thought on “John Saward – July 21, 2016 at 11:02AM

  1. Compassion, willingness, and the benefit of a doubt. For me, compassion is a deep understanding that given the experiences and perspective that has been formed by those experiences that another has had were I in their physical shoes I most likely would make the same decisions they are making. It doesn’t mean I agree with their decisions, it means that I know, on some level, they are similar to me with all the limitations and vulnerabilities I have. This creates a willingness within me to step back from my disagreement and possibly my triggering and be willing to suspend it with doubt. Maybe I don’t know everything about the person and situation that I think I do. Maybe what has been shared between us doesn’t mean what I assume it does, could there be another way of perceiving it? This creates an opening and curiosity to ask the questions I’m afraid to know the answers to. So, I can begin the journey of understanding by asking questions with a genuinely curiosity and openness I cannot have if I am certain I know. ❤

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