John Saward – November 30, 2015 at 09:37PM

As promised, more photos from our beautiful wedding

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John Saward – November 30, 2015 at 04:47PM

These writing are not designed to convince. We are enamoured to remind you of that. These writings form in a state of inner delight. We only hope the inner delight is contagious.

“We” here is referring to the One, who is beyond the current knowing of the writer. The muse is the carrier of that One.

The writer’s muse is in that state of inner and outer delight constantly. Her world is a delight. She conveys a little of that.

There was a time when she dwelled in a less than perfect world such as ours. Her compassion for us who are still somewhat bound in such state is huge. But she laughs at us too. “Step out of it Dudes!” she calls, and as a writer world-bound like you, Dear Reader, I can only pass on her call.

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John Saward – November 30, 2015 at 04:33PM

Q. How do we develop attention?

A. We learn by extreme effort. We learn to bring ourselves to the state of intention. There are countless methods for enhancing attention. Until we find the gem of That we are mesmerised by thought and action.

Gnosis might arise spontaneoulsly in some, I suppose, but for me it was a huge effort. But once awakened it is, as if, arising spontaneously.

It is enough for me that one person enjoys the formulation:

Gnosis is spiritual sight. We see who We are.
and (There is nothing We are not. )

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