John Saward – October 31, 2015 at 11:23AM

It is such a pleasure to receive an attached file in an e-mail with a name like “151031 John xxx”.

Only IT wizards will relate. 🙂

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John Saward – October 30, 2015 at 09:45PM

Ok I got some more clues. Why some folk imagine they have no self. It was in an article I read by an eminent advaitic teacher.

There is the claim that the self must be either the body or the mind or the name.

Well that is the problem. People perhaps believe that those are the only 3 places the self can be found, and they look at the body and of course, that is not the self, (although in fact it is an ‘apparition of the self’, and not separate to the self), and the name (of the person) is not the self either. Well done so far.

Then with the mind there is the claim that cannot be the self because it is constantly changing. But that is not so. The mind is absolutely still, spacious, and in blissful unchanging communion. Thoughts and anxieties and plans and fears and goals appear in the mind of course, and when they are prolific enough the true unchanging mind is missed. It is just not noticed.

So, if we are saying the mind is not the self that is because we have not yet experienced clear mind. But clear mind is not the fullness of self. Clear mind connected as heart is a portal into the spiritual self, which is eternal, personal (yes), and in communion with the other children of god (personal selfs) in the spiritual world.

I hope that clears this up.

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