John Saward – January 14, 2018 at 05:11PM

We perhaps experience disheavel, or angst, or anger, or loneliness, Or self-pity, or regret, or fear.

We don’t blame ourself for doing it to ourself.

We just see it like there is a fountain inside ourself that makes the thoughts and feelings come trickling out into the aware part of our minds, from a subterranean pool we call the unconscious, and sometimes it is even like a volcano erupting. And that flow carries our attention with it without our volition.

Our job in meditation is to become still and quiet enough at times to notice all of it without being carried along with it.

And then, when noticing is easy, begin to become master of ourself, by reversing the flow of our attention, to follow the trickles of thought-feeling back to the source of the stream, and dissolve them in the moment they appear.

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