John Saward – January 13, 2018 at 11:39PM

“By reversing the flow of consciousness, thoughts are interrupted and brought to a halt. When thought ceases, consciousness converges inside, merging into the mind’s knowing essence. With persistent practice, this foundation becomes unshakable in all circumstances. Then, even when the mind withdraws from deep samādhi, it still feels solid and compact, as though nothing can disturb the mind’s inward focus. While samādhi does not bring an end to suffering, it does constitute an ideal platform from which to launch an all out assault on the mental defilements that cause suffering. Observation becomes spontaneous and instinctive, and mindfulness remains fully present. This sharp and immediate focus complements the investigative and contemplative work of wisdom. The profound calm and concentration generated by samādhi becomes an excellent basis for the development of penetrative insight into the nature of existence.”

— Mae Chee Kaew, by Bhikkhu Dick Sīlaratano

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