John Saward – January 10, 2018 at 09:51PM

“Seeing that her meditation was now firmly on the right path, Ajaan Mahā Boowa graciously accepted her back. He told her that she had been living with the ghosts of her mind for too long. Compulsively following the flow of her conscious mind had caused her to live at the mercy of ghosts and spirits, and to be a slave to the phantoms created by her own mind. By turning the flow of consciousness back on itself, she temporarily interrupted its momentum, and restored the mind to its essence. What she experienced was the true essence of mind — the mind’s intrinsic knowing nature. Consciousness is a function of the mind’s essence, but conscious activity is transient and lacks the mind’s intrinsic quality of awareness. States of consciousness exist in conjunction with the awareness that knows them, and the knowing essence of mind is the very root and source of that awareness. The transient states of mind that arise and cease within the flow of consciousness are merely conditioned phenomena. Because the mind’s essence is conditioned by nothing, it is the only stable reality.”

— Mae Chee Kaew, by Bhikkhu Dick Sīlaratano

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