John Saward – December 26, 2017 at 12:14PM

Pizza and the Art of Writing

… an attitude or responding totally to what is in front of our face and playing with that like a cat plays with a mouse, and all the time knowing that the seen and the unseen worlds are one, and thus by playing with what comes in our face we are at the same time playing in the garden that concurrently .. transpires. …a proclivity for seeing the deeper in the shallower.. saving the world one pizza at a time.

Art turns reality into what it might have been were the artist an ancient God lost in the sea of his own fantasy.

There is no right or wrong way to Write. Even to be not so Interesting is not a Sin.

As you practice you find the narrow channel into the voice that is uniquely your own. There is no guarantee that honouring that unique voice will lead to fame or fortune or wealth. Once you find that channel though, you know for sure it is what you came here for. At times that seems a curse. You see the way things seem to go, and you see that perhaps some sacred cows are in the way. So perhaps you stop for a time. You can. The blessing of it wakens you again. And so it goes on.

There is no right or wrong way. As you write, perhaps the guide to follow could be: “Is this piece of writing interesting to me?”

And then, assuming you get to the point of being able to answer “Yes, Indeed It Is Interesting To Me!”, if somebody else comes along and finds this piece of writing (that is interesting to me), and that person says “oh this is interesting” what would the next piece of writing be?

And also, if nobody comes along and says that the writing is interesting, what would the next piece of writing be?

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