John Saward – December 24, 2017 at 11:31AM

The Invisible Ones, An Alternative Christmas Story, MysticSciFi, © 2013 J.D.Saward

The invisible ones believe they have the power. And there is truth in that. But they do know that if the visible ones disappear, ascend as we say, suddenly or gradually, and the invisible ones are the last men standing, they will be alone with each other in that invisible realm for a long long long time; experiencing the power of each other, without the deflection of that power outwards to the others, and they will be there in that realm of hungry vindictive ghosts much longer than the painful time they have endured there already; and that is what they seek to avoid. This is where the crack is, and this is how the game goes on.

This scenario is totally self-contained in each of us.

Unfortunately this ascension of the people and abandonment of the hungry ghosts has occurred before.

The most recent occurrence was roughly 10,000 years ago, in our current perspective of time. The invisible hungry vindictives were left to roam purposelessly and hopelessly over a radioactive-rich barren planet and fight it out amongst themselves.

The people populated other planets and those civilisations are ongoing and playful and bright.

The name of the planet that the vindictives inherited is “Earth”.

Roughly 5000 years ago we began visiting the vindictive planet and hovering in the upper atmosphere watching. We took this journey from home perhaps every 1000 years until a star was seen and a baby observed in a manger.

After that we began to take the journey across hyper-space perhaps every one hundred years.

Around 1966 we accessed a bank of continuous energy and decided we could come every year or so. We watch ourselves, as our own avatars, mingling with the vindictives.

We still don’t know how it will go. We do not fear for our avatars but we do fear – or perhaps a better word is wonder – if the hungry ghosts are about to do it to themselves once again. If so we will need to stay away from the radioactive fallout for a time. Probably a longer time than last time because the residual radioactivity of the last time will be added to the new release.

But for sure, when we can, perhaps in 15 to 17 thousand years we may be able to begin watching again.

It has never happened as far as we know that the ghostly presences decide to take another choice than the vindictive one, but we have embedded every guidance amongst them that we can creatively imagine including of course the story we fabricated around that baby in the manger and that other guy who left the palace and wandered seeking truth till he found it under the bodhi tree. And many others such. Fingers pointing to the moon we call them.

Currently we are heavily investing in social media as part ot a total program towards full transparency. We hope that as transparency increases the hungry ghosts can begin to almost see their own shadows. We cannot be sure how many cycles this may take though.

We just cannot predict the movements of the invisible hungry desperate power seeking ones, as they desperately try to avoid the light.

Meanwhile we watch and enjoy the show from the cocktail lounge on the mothership.

This expanded scenario is still totally self-contained in each of us.

J.D.Saward 22/9/13

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