John Saward – December 14, 2017 at 11:14AM

More on Situational Morphing

(c.) J.D.Saward 2017

This world does not vanish like a dream when we awaken. Nor when we die.

This world is continually morphing form and takes us with it.

At times perhaps mostly that morphing is slow.

The view we have from our window might stay basically the same for years, or decades, with perhaps leaves falling from trees and coming back next year, or perhaps cars driving by that were once with drivers and are now driverless Ubers.

But the situation we find ourself in is basically the same. Perhaps for an entire lifetime. We find ourself as child, as adolescent as young adult as old person. And then at the end of all that or perhaps at any of those stages, perhaps we experience a true discontinuity break in the morphing of situation.

We might consider that sudden change, from the outside, as death.

Death might happen even to an entire species and some who are watching the state of the world currently feel that may be on our horizon.

But from the inside that discontinuity break in the morphing of situation may in fact be experienced as like the spontaneous transplanting of our personal being, alone or collectively, at the stage of youth or elderness we had reached, into a brand new time and space and possibility matrix.

And this is the meaning of “Can we imagine living forever?”, and, ‘We are Immortal’.

A situation is a Time, Space, Possibility Matrix in which we are temporarilly bound.

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