John Saward – August 06, 2017 at 07:34AM

A virus does not act from malicious intent. A virus acts from the self-replication pathway embedded in its makeup. That self-replication imperative derives from the facticity of the absolute dependence of the existence of the virus on being established in a host. And the existence of a particular host not being guaranteed, any particular host must be considered redundant. The virus must keep moving on.

Similarly the “entities” that might seem to be controlling this world, and which are being discussed around about as if they have an independent existence, simply and unconsciously attach, feed, re-attach and replicate.

The “entities” are not independent beings, arriving from galaxies far away, they are Neuronal Pathways established in individuals and in society.

This way of thinking about those entities means we change the situation by changing our own neuronal pathways, showing others those new neuronal pathways, and watching the counter-replication revolution transform the Disfunctional and Traumatised Societal Neuronal Web.

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