John Saward – August 01, 2017 at 05:59AM

“We are a special generation, and our call is unusual, perhaps unprecedented.

In honor of the adage “love thy mother and father,” the generations before us have most often adopted and continued the ways and cycles of the ones before, even if it meant accumulating and amassing trauma and dis-ease, in a deep unconscious “loyalty” and “allegiance” to the humans affected by these patterns. Quite understandably so.

WE, however, ARE CALLED UPON to “love our mother and our father” by doing something quite different, namely: BREAKING THE CYCLE OF TRAUMA AND CODEPENDENCE ONCE AND FOR ALL.

This means, we need to do whatever is necessary to be SOVEREIGN, FREE AND WHOLE.

If this means breaking with our ancestors and immediate family for now or forever, this is quite literally THE MOST LOVING THING WE CAN DO.

For everyone.

Our parents, for the most part, were not called upon to do this. But WE ARE. Our wholeness comes FIRST, for the benefit of all beings.

Not only are we *called* to do so – not only is it *aligned* – the fate of the world quite literally depends on it.”

— Sara Sophia Eisenman

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