John Saward – July 15, 2017 at 08:28AM

One thing is certain.

When we self-define we will be countered.

“I am a self” <++ There is no self.

"There is no self here" <++ Get real!

"I am doing OK" <++ Go deeper

"I am a broken people!" <++ There are no broken people, stop victimising yourself.

"I moved on." <++ Be consistent!

"Rainbows fill my soul" <++ Is that evidence-based?

"I love you" <++ Define love.

"We are getting somewhere in this" <++ There is nowhere to get, and nobody to get there."

"I know" <++ There is no knowing.

"I don't know" <++ Come to know by trusting yourself

"That's good cos I am a self" <++ There is no self

"OK there is not self" <++ Get real!

And so it goes.

Let it be.

Imported from Facebook via IFTTT

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