John Saward – July 15, 2017 at 07:57AM

Good morning.

I am still waking up hitting the ground running writing about trauma.

I suppose I feel the need to capture the inside story before the memory of it fades.

Here are some notes. The notes I post now and recently hopefully convey how I see it at this stage of my intense exposure to the literature, the community and the actuality.


Trauma is not an individualised issue. There are so many traumatised people on the planet now that it must by now be stored in the environment, the earth, the DNA of the species.


“A very good definition of trauma is anything that overwhelms the brain’s capacity to cope.”

I suppose some folk might miss the precision of the word “Brain”.

The definition meme does not use the word “mind”.

And that usage is intentional, to bring focus to where trauma is actually situated, rooted – in the physical. In the biochemistry and physiology. And that is more binding than thought and feeling.

A proposition ~might~ by put out that if the response is ~not~ stored in the physical body it is not yet at the level of trauma, but rather, a passing cluster of thought and feeling that any reasonable person would slowly allow to dissolve.


We CAN move through it, leaving it in the past where it belongs, and love is the ultimate enabler of that process of healing, but …

what I learn recently even more deeply than I knew before is …

There will always be people around us who are experiencing feelings arising out of trauma, right now, in their mind, in their hearts and in their body.

And we walk on by without even seeing that torment.

We do not see it because as a society we have a deep presupposition that it is an exceptional disorder of the individual, rather than a result of the prevalent disorder of the society.

And so ultimately, in that denial, we assume, it is that individual’s responsibility to deal with. It is not really our problem. So we are able to walk on by.

And many of them will have no way of adequately communicating their pain, or being able to reach out for the help they need, or be responded to in a humane and nurturing and practically supportive way, and continue to be bound in the reality of Trauma ~right now~.

And right now is ultimate reality.

And the seeing of all that is a blessing.

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