John Saward – July 15, 2017 at 01:02PM

One of the side outcomes of all this is I learn to trust myself.

So for example, around the year 2000, when I began to suspect mercury toxicity in my body, around the time I began seeking help for Chronic Fatigue, I immersed myself thoroughly in all I could find written about the subject, and began at that time to understand the complexity of the issue, and its resolution pathways, as much as could be, including the fact, or at least opinion, that the body stores mercury in fat, and maybe even in muscles, and possibly one of the evolutionary reasons for that mechanism is to prevent such toxicities being absorbed further into the brain, and then people would advise me to exercise harder, because of the chronic fatigue, you see, and I would say, “let’s slow down on that one”, and I would wonder, “well, where does the mercury go when the exercise loosens up the muscles and disperses the fat”, and yes I would have been unsure, but it is my brain not theirs in the firing line, and they can just walk away from the outcomes of their generic advice, and when I asked those people, “well what do you think about all the mercury our bodies absorb”, and they would shake their head and say something like “we are not exposed to mercury any more, that was in the old days”, and I would say “well it is all over the internet”, and they would say “you can’t trust what you read on the internet “, and I would think “Did I waste my time helping to connect the University of Western Australia to the Internet in 1992”, and I would say, “ok, but I am still slowing it down”. And I went with my own inner gut feeling, and the advice of the best complementary physician I could find.

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