John Saward – July 13, 2017 at 08:44AM

When in the trauma zone, I hardly play music in the house.

I understand many people respond well to music but for me it usually activates some sort of stress response when I am most in the trauma zone.

But I have one piece of music that I play regularly during the day when I am in that zone, and my mind knows it is music to dissolve into. I’ve trained the mind and the music to meld together.

It can do that because it knows the music well, and knows the music will not interrupt or overwhelm the calming frequency wave that my mind is seeking to stay attuned to, and is capable of entering.

So, I have this in my imagination of an intervention that works for me in some sort of Shamanic way and it is potent.

Other people would imagine it different and try to change the form, and try to convince me to listen to this piece of music or this other piece of music.

But no. The form, the particular piece of music, is the ritual. Like mass.

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