John Saward – July 12, 2017 at 11:23AM

They say losing memory when we get older is normal and not to worry about it too much if it is in the ‘normal range’ for your age group.

But what if we have go that bit wrong, and in fact it is not a natural characteristic of the human species brain to gradually lose memory and other functionality as it matures, but rather the prevelent occurrence of brain degeneration in this and recent generations is because of a factor that we might call trauma.

Is out whole species in fact, traumatised?

And if so what would have caused such a response to what events?

What would cause a species to want to shut itself down?

I suspect there is a huge spectrum of events that trigger such widespread trauma, from emotional childhood abuse, to rape, to seeing the horrors of war first-hand as a conscript, to being fired for an unfair reason, to being blocked on Facebook 😉 ….

What comes to mind is the term that might — might – be generic enough to embrace all of those aspects:


Generic terms have the disadvantage of under-emphasising the seriousness of some events like rape for instance. It is foolhardy to call rape, just an instance of bullying, it is much more than that.

But “bullying” seems to convey:

We are doing it to each other, traumatising each other inter-generationally, self-traumatising an entire miraculous species – because of a long entrenched culture of inter-personal and inter-national power seeking, power trading, power usage, power walking ;), and power monopolisation.

Bullying. The trigger for Armageddon. Think about it.

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