John Saward – July 12, 2017 at 07:05AM

In the finalisation sessions they were made aware of their fate. It was not good. To say the least.

Some tried to activate the voluntary euthanasia procedures, but suddenly, it seemed, the necessary interfaces were offline for maintenance.

The ones who had learned mind-calming well in the middle-level sessions were suddenly friended like trend-leaders.

The lights become dimmer and dimmer in each passing day.

The titanium nuclear fallout doors remained firmly shut. Nobody had been to the surface for over 3 years.

The tweets from end-time-commanders were insistent. Dig deeper into the sub-soil.

Most could hardly lift their heads from their comfort pillows, let alone stand up to walk to the excavation edge.

Nobody was leaving here alive. And leaving dead was not an option either.

Deep deep down under the floor of the shelter-cave surely the dimensionality-portal was still open.

But some doubted even that.

The sessions continued each day. What else could they do?

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