John Saward – July 12, 2017 at 06:53AM

My mind gets confused when there are too many interfaces. It’s why I remain on Facebook. I hop on over to LinkedIn and other places occasionally, and of course I almost always have my web development environment windows open, and email, but I just like to sit here at home in Facebook. Blogs out of Facebook space hardly see my arrival, books we covered yesterday, … I know many people are not like me … coping well with many different things at once … Kim and I have a saying “One thing; one time” …. Do one thing and do it with complete presence … I find I can devote myself to Facebook, as I do to Kim … It’s it. It’s it. Make sense? I think I have not explained the many interfaces thing very well in this iteration .. but … this is about the length of a post where … who ever would want to read anything longer than this? No idea. That’s it, end of post; who needs to prove anything in a post?

Imported from Facebook via IFTTT

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