John Saward – July 11, 2017 at 12:20PM

Ok I get it Facebook algorithm. It is not only whether or not people are interested in me demonstrated by likes and comments on my contributions, that puts my posts on their feed.

The algorithm might take that consideration as a top level decider but then it delves down to factor in the particular interests of my friends.

So eg if i keep posting about broken people and spirituality and real and illusion and PTSD those posts will have a chance of finding their way to friends who a. have liked my posts and b. are interested in those topics.

So if I begin to post about the inner journey of self-discovery of Donald Trump 45, and whether or not the war in Syria, and the intervention of Russia and USA is real or illusion or comes from source or ego or self, or Self, and Crystal power in the Hamburg G20 and the inner alchemy of that, The Algorithm will get a bit confused but my posts will be eventually made available to people focused on many other things! Politics eg.

And if I keep bringing Tesla and innovation and cool and disruption and entrepreneur into the discourse on the inner journey and the reality of our experience here in this world ;), I will get a bunch of millennials coming through 🙂

Considering. Might just leave things as they are.

As always just reporting my findings. 🙂

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