John Saward – July 11, 2017 at 11:55AM

On Moving Back into the Tribal Life.

By Leigh Smith

We sometimes look back and think “oh the tribes were innocent and pure”. But the individual was the tribe, and they fought too. The individual knew their correct place in the tribe but their identity came from the tribe. Then we moved through a period of individualization, where everyone becomes a world unto themselves. Now we are moving back into the tribal life, but as a whole world, not as “my tribe” – “your tribe”.

One really beautiful analogy is that of the human immune system. It does not attack like many believe. It simply tags foreign and dangerous objects as “non-self”. It tags and tags and tags and at some point expels it from the body.

With this mass awareness through the loss of privacy and the transparency of actions, humanity is beginning to tag all these corrupt economic and political processes and all the different forms of behaviour as “non-humane”. We can only hurt others when we think we get away with it. And as we heal this shaming belief, that shame is useful to heal, we will be able to watch as people commit wrongs, understand, say “no, not humane” and not shame them.

This in itself will shift so much. That’s why all the spiritual people have been practicing. They are the ones who can watch on without judgements, and have much to teach about understanding – not to “spiritual seekers” but to the true seekers of the world. The ones in the darkness. The ones spiritual seekers try to avoid, because they are afraid of them.

C) 2017, ad finitum, Leigh Smith Tribe

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