John Saward – July 10, 2017 at 10:53AM

There’s a Thai Movie I watched on the plane on my way home from Thailand in April. The hero is doing all he can to stay afloat for a long long time. In a very real ocean full of monsters of the deep.

Crossover to the heavens.

His guardian angel chatting with the girls about a social event – a celestial party of some kind – they have in mind. Fully absorbed in that.

And then, “Whoops, I have forgotten for ages to check on my responsibility to that man down there swimming the impossible ocean! OMFG! I gotta go. Check on him. He might have been needing my help while I’ve been at the celestial party!” (loose translation)

Ya gotta keep reming those celestial angels.

Imported from Facebook via IFTTT

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