John Saward – July 05, 2017 at 03:53PM

You are not alone they told him. All is one. Trust this moment.

He opened his eyes and watched as they dropped a gold coin into his hat.

They smiled and headed off. He watched as they hailed a cab and disappeared down the block.

He rubbed the stump of his leg where it had been amputated. Rain began to fall. He sighed.

All is one, he muttered. All is one and I am in that taxi with them going to the show. Sure.

In the taxi they were laughing. Forgotten completely was the man with one leg. Won’t it be great to have that 1961 red again? And I hear Dame Winnifer is in the audience tonight. Glad we dressed so well!

The rain is coming down heavily now. He shelters under a sheet of plastic. He used to be a professor of marketing. Now he remembers only, the war, and the screaming of the people as the bombs fell from the sky.

In the morning he will be gone. Nobody will even notice. A small ceremony in the crematorium for an unnamed homeless one.

The gods watch this tale sadly. They don’t know what to do. Even they lost hope in humanity. But somewhere there must be a chance.

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