John Saward – July 04, 2017 at 05:55PM

As my faithful Facebook friends know, my wife Kim and I have applied to the Government of Australia for a permanent residency visa that will allow us to live together in Australia, as husband and wife.

Can you please put into a comment on this post, how you see us, as a married couple, via your contact with us on Facebook or in real life.

And in particular, given that many people apply for residency in Australia, what is the compelling reason you see for OUR application being granted?

What is it about me, or her, or our relationship, or circumstances, that is deserving of a good outcome, as soon as possible?

What makes it important that the application is not delayed unnecessarily?

Please comment in as many or few words as you can find. Only state what you know.

If you have questions please ask via IM rather than on this post.

And of course focus on one or two of the above questions if you prefer not to answer them all.

This may be very valuable for us at a later stage of the process. I will collate the comments into a permanent document.

I may re-post this request periodically. Thank you.

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