John Saward – June 24, 2017 at 09:40AM

Imagine you are travelling on an intergalactic starliner and the journey will take around 1000 years; do you sit there looking out the window continuously asking “Are we there yet”; do you catch up on some reading; do you watch some videos; or perhaps you go into suspended animation?

Or perhaps what we do is enter a virtual reality hologram that gives us an experience that will take away the tedium of the journey until it is done.

We find ourselves embedded in a totally absorbing and convincing adventure over a number of mortal lifetimes; and we even forget that we are actually sitting in the starliner coming ever closer to our destination; which is home.

This is how it is. Here we are, right now, seemingly on this planet earth in the 21st century, in that contrived reality situation. It is totally convincing. Isn’t it?

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