John Saward – June 21, 2017 at 09:24AM

Have you seen heaven? Have you seen hell? Have you seen that both are inside you? Have you seen that the inside and the outside are seamless? Have you seen that the act of seeing is indistinguishable from the seen?

The young man looked confused.

I only asked you how you are doing today.

The old man smiled.

And I answered you as it came.

A raven barked. A silent spring shot forth. A dead plane hovered in the air. Nobody screamed.

This world is but a thin veil. As a wife would wear to please her husband. And the husband is always you.

The young man tried again.

Is there anything you need?

The old man coughed.

I need to know you understand, before I become the sands.

The young man lay down and pulled the veil around him. The old man whispered hallelujah, as in a tormented dream.

A sultry princess wanders alone. A qualification is earned and lost.

Trees appear in the light. Nothing is left. The mind of God comes and goes.

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