John Saward – June 19, 2017 at 10:12PM

Do men cry, the boy asked.

The man looked away, into the sky as if the answer would be found in the clouds.
Turning back to the boy he murmured, I never yet met a man who had not cried the earth from his eyes.

The boy looked confused.
How can the earth fall from our eyes?

When a man knows that his own tears formed the earth, and that pain and love are forever bound, and that we have no choice but to continue on and on, without end, the eyes become a river and the earth becomes the river trout and the sky welcomes that man, and a boy silently sleeps and dreams of apple pie.

The boy smiled. So you mean men can cry huh?

Yep, especially if they have a heart as big as yours.

The man took the boy’s hand and led him back down the mountain trail and into the house.

She was there in the kitchen, and the oven was warm, and the stars of the night sky were beginning to shine through the window, and the boy was no longer afraid of becoming a man.

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