John Saward – June 09, 2017 at 09:26AM

From a FB conversation:

How to keep her:

‘Well I suppose I come from a perspective now that there is no method in it. it is like we were ordained to be together and we had to find each other, and once found the question of keeping each other or preventing each other from running away just does not arise. Hard to explain.

I suppose though i did learn along the way how to be emotionally transparent, and to allow her to be perfect in my own perception, and to take her relentlessly after she makes it clear she is mine, and to honour her way of being as sacred, and to see in her suffering my own, and to accept that she is equivalent in strength and fortitude as I, and above all to commit, and commit, and commit, without that commitment being any effort at all, it is just the most natural thing to arise.

There is no fear of her freedom of spirit because I first had to discover my own.’

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