John Saward – June 07, 2017 at 07:08AM

Dear Facebook Friends,

We are still very thankful for the support we have received.

The money donated has gone towards the legal bill and that smooths the process considerably.

A few days ago I passed another swag of documentation to the lawyer and I believe now we just have to wait.

We probably will not hear anything at all for a few months, and after that there will be a further waiting period of we don’t know how long.

We are sad but not defeated. There is a fine balancing act going on in our very joined minds. On the one hand we are clear we will never ever ever give up, on the other we relax into acceptance of what is. That is a paradox akin to a koan.

I am beginning to plan a journey to Chiang Mai.

I hope some of our friends here will be able to join us, virtually, and benefit from the deep healing energy of that place.

Kind regard 🙂 John and Kim of Gembrook and Chiang Mai.

ps. the GofundMe is still alive but needs a few small donations to keep it energised and kicking along. Later will be the time for some HUGE and MAGNIFICENT and KARMICALLY BENEFICIAL donations. 🙂 Or now, claim your beneficial karma now. Link in the first comment.

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