John Saward – June 04, 2017 at 06:05AM

Chiang Mai is actually a very special place. I was there for a month with Kim. We wandered around absorbing the thousand year history. Or is it 2 or 5? I don’t remember numbers very well.

The feeling in me has passed a bit, but I do recall thinking and feeling, Australian cities could learn a lot from the ambience of this city, even though at fist sight it does not appear quite as ‘developed’ as ours.

I think the prolific open-faced temples arraigned in the inner city and wandering our towards the countryside, established a presence of benevolence wherever we go.

I suppose one has to be open to seeing it that way. I imagine the pioneer Christians were rather shocked to be encountered with giant golden heathen icons everywhere they went. Fortunately the church now there is more enlightened and does at good job of taking care of abandoned young mothers etc.

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