John Saward – June 01, 2017 at 08:25AM

I had a venture onto an email list. Email lists are things I tend to avoid. Back in the day – when an email list was a brand new thing – 1991 – when I was a computer system manager at University of Western Australia – we thought email lists were the bees knees.

But now I don’t like them at all. I read them but don’t interact. Or if I do interact I sort of hop in, wiggle my toes around and back-out as quick as I can.

It’s not through lack of experience. I used to be an email list hero. ….. anyway….

I reflect on what is the difference between an email list and posting here on my wall.

I back off from email lists because an email list is not my own space.

By that, I mean the list ‘belongs to’ the community that has set it up for a particular purpose. It is not really mine. So I feel constrained to .. walk around on eggshells. Everyone has different ideas about what is the normal and acceptable way to post. And quite rightly we need to compromise and meet somehow on rules and such. Quite rightly.

Here on Facebook we each have our own wall, our own owned space. It is brilliant. We are emperors of our own wall. Humble visitors on other peoples walls.

When someone is unhappy with someone’s wall they just unfollow. So easy.

I love Facebook.

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