John Saward – May 30, 2017 at 10:28PM

My pain was not on people’s radars. Neither was hers. Now that pain is known. And seen as very unfair. Seeing it as it is. Priceless.

Once seen it cannot be denied. And ironically once seen and responded to the pain goes away.

Connectivity is amazing. Launceston has 1Gb connectivity now. Thought I’d drop that in. Share my campaign Launceston please. Trust me.

But we are still a long way away from the goal. I will sleep soon. Give Facebook a chance to think about other things than Bringing My Wife Home to Bed with me where she belongs!!!! As many of my cobbers take for granted!!!!! Share my campaign if your wife is at home in bed with you tonight!!!!!!!

Excuse my self indulgence, but I thought marriage is sacred? we are Caught in a fatal impersonal algorithm.

Nobody deserves this. Nobody deserves this. Nobody deserves this. I am sure my wife and I don’t.

But it seems to be changing. At least now we have hope. Happy smiles.

And thank you.

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