John Saward – May 30, 2017 at 04:36PM

From the Ongoing Trauma Log

Entry: 6 May 2017


When Kim and I became a couple, in early 2015, the improvement was even more pronounced. Even though I had deep relationships in the past, that were satisfying and intimate (in between the conflicts), the relaxed constant unchanging calm clear soft and gentle emotional connection between Kim and I, free of volatility, and the sense of total commitment to staying together forever, and the caring she loves to enter into with me, and I love to enter into with her, was a whole new level of relaxation in relationship satisfaction for me. I felt deeply safe and seen and valued for who I am. I felt like finally my life was where I wanted it to be. With Kim by my side I could cope with virtually any possibility arising, with equanimity, and calm mind. I felt completed. I felt cured. It seemed like my history of debilitating depression was something in the past. I had found what I was missing. Her.


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