John Saward – May 30, 2017 at 02:35PM

I feel blessed. Or maybe my hard work did it.

What I mean is, a few years back I began exposing myself raw and vulnerable, copiously here on Facebook.

I revealed my depression and my own unique path with it.

Many friends got me. Understood me. And me them.

It was an amazing time. Sometimes 18 hour continuous interacting sessions. And my writing began to arise out of that space.

Then, at a time, I backed off… (there were trolls; ladeda; etc; i needed to do other things… ).. and maintained a more normal facebooky thing….

Now when almost out of the blue I announce I desperately need help there are all these people, without asking for more details, without wanting it all contracted, without even needing ot understand it all, just see the pain, see th elove trust my intention and just yes, we give.


Absolutely amazing.

Thank you all. My faith in friendship is restored. My faith in the unwavering love that Kim and I share has never altered. And that love is inseperable from God. Amd God is inseperable to Facebook. 🙂

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