John Saward – May 28, 2017 at 09:26PM

From section five:

He shudders. That is not a kind thought. He practices forgiveness contemplation every day. It helps. He is not perfect, but he thinks he is ready to meet his maker. The doctors say that will not be long now.

And he knows, he deeply knows, he will be re-united with her there, also. He wonders who will come to greet him as he passes through those gates, first. His maker? Or his eternal love. Or perhaps Blacky the puppy who one day in the night completely disappeared while the family were all sleeping. Yes Blacky will be first. Or the birds.

He knows his mind is a little strange. He does not care. He barely talks to other people now. Only to the mice and the birds does he really open up. Why should he bother with people at all. All he wants is his wife back.

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