John Saward – May 28, 2017 at 05:41PM

From section Five:

And Len sitting in his cane chair on the verandah is a little confused. He cannot work out if all this happened before, or is it all still to come. But he does not care about confusion, it does not matter, nothing matters at all. He just wonders, that’s all. Wonder comes and goes, the pain comes and goes, the sense of utter abandonment comes and goes, even his own presence in this world in front of his eyes comes and goes. But only one thing never ever comes and goes, is always inside him, is always embracing him, is always breathing him and seeing through him and caring for him, and creating him and dissolving him, and recreating him in another galaxy far far away… and that thing, that infinite all-powerful, ever-present and ever-loving thing is inseparable from her, and he cannot remember her name.

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