John Saward – May 26, 2017 at 10:15PM


“Not waving, drowning”, he mouths, in between the splutterings.

They wave back from the shore as they take their evening stroll, and they give him the thumbs up. “Never lose hope”, they call out. “For sure the sea will be better for swimming a little later this evening”.

He waves emphatically again. They laugh at his antics. “Ciaia, we’re off to the club”.

In his next lifetime, Grantly Diemaster determined he would never help out in a club. He just never could quite work out why he had such a silly, yet precise, bottom line. Also whenever he waved at somebody he would break out in a coughing fit. Some parts of life were a mystery to him.

And he eventually bought the club. Not to help out. But to give him something to do with his limitless money and time. And besides, he was looking for some people who he had something to rub their noses in.

The first employees to go were a bit resentful. They had worked for the “Innermost Sanctuary Quality Persons Club” for decades. Some of them had been born on the premises. One or two had even been conceived in the member’s lounge, or the staff kitchen.

He often thinks of the bible story about Samuel, or was it Paul, or that phropher what’s his name. Anyway that guy fell into a big pit, or was he pushed, and there were lions in that pit, and also a bottomless well of despair, and the other subjects of the King peered down at him from above until they got bored with that and then left him in there because they were jealous of his impecable standing with the King. And they told the King, when He asked where his senior advisor was, “He has gone to a far land to request they vaccilate to you, your Kindness”. And the King smiled and took it as true. Anyway to cut a long story short, eventually DanPaul found his way out of the pit by befriending a repentful RattleSnake who allowed him to use his body as a rope. At the top, back on flat earth, DanPaul had a vision of famine and plagues coming to the land, and he lay there for a time wondering if he would use his magic powers to help the people, or let them starve or die in agony from the boils and flesh eating worms, just watch them suffer, as they had watched him in agony in the pit.

As far as we know, he is still trying to make up his mind about that one. But meanwhile he is happy running the “Innermost Sanctuary Quality Persons Club – Mark 2”.

And some of his customers just disappear and are never seen again. When asked, he just smiles and says, “Some of our members don’t keep up their subscriptions.”

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