John Saward – March 23, 2017 at 02:40PM

I perhaps imagined Chiang Mai would be chaotic and full, and somehow a bit aggressive on the roads etc.

But no. It is a very peaceful and calm city. Friendliness is everywhere. Cars travel in a kind but insistent flow. Respect is in the air.

I do not know or care if this is only an initial impression I gain in my first days here.

I do not care, because the world I experience here – the inner world of how people connect and live with each other, and of how I walk serenely in gratitude through it all, and of how my wife loves me, and I love her, in clarity, and without reservation – is as I want and intend this world to be. As it is so it will be.

Whether our experience continues to form in ChiangMai or Gembrook, or anywhere else, it is the kind world we are heading into.

John and Kim Forever, Chiang Mai, March 2017.

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