John Saward – February 18, 2017 at 10:38AM

Facebook need not be a distraction from real life.

Also, for community organisations, Facebook can be used for much more than promotion. It can be where the thing happens.

So eg, I do most of my writing on Facebook or inspired by Facebook connections. I call it my writer’s studio. A couple of books, at least, are forming. The web of support is tangible here.

And similarly, any project that is not confidential can be carried out via the Facebook interface.

Fantasy Case Study: A group of people want to setup a system for delivering leftover restaurant food to the homeless. Having trouble attracting people to the meetings. Stuff gets lost in the email trays of various people who randomly cc each other.

Old style: Have the conversations and plannings offline, then promote it in social media.

New style: From the very beginning arrange, it, build it up, refine it, reality check it all on Facebook.

Why? The energisation factor. The transparency factor.

The engagement with Very Creative People who devote a lot of time into social media and feel it is a bit of an effort to crank up the email client.

The Millennials. Where else do you find Millennials than on social media? [Yes when I wrote ‘Facebook’, it was short hand for Social Media]

Do it on Facebook.

Social media is not the last step; it is the first.

Heck, write that business case in your status box revising and building it up week by week until it is done.

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