John Saward – February 14, 2017 at 11:46AM

The notion of Team has a lot going for it.
But lets’ face it, in essence a team is a definition of:

Someone is in. Someone else it out.

The Internet is built as a web of interconnected redundant nodes connected via redundant pathways. If it had been built on an architecture informed by the concept of ‘team’, would it have survived even long enough for Facebook to position itself into it? [This is a question, notice the question mark? The role of a question mark is to encourage asking of deeper questions. What is a team? What is a node? What does it mean in our workplace to be connected? Are we connected? Who has the power to block communications and energy flow? Do we accept that? Why do we accept that?]

Examine the workplace human connectivity structures that your presuppositions support.

Examine the Human Responses to those Connectivity Structure, every day, not as a consultant would come in and deliver a document to be singed 0ff on, but as a Team (ahem) would carry out Sprint Review Meetings. Ongoing, deeply, relentlessly and kindly.

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