John Saward – February 14, 2017 at 03:18PM

A Framework for Workplace Accelerated Change – chapter 7.

Submitted by Vision Eagle on Tue, 14/02/2017 – 15:09

Visionary Manifesto

To: The Decision Makers

Chapter 7 – v.3

Don’t overlook Visionary Input.
It’s value may not be apparent up front.
Persist with yourself until you CAN see that value.

Sit with the Visionary. Ask questions. Don’t refute. Clarify. Go deeper. Wait for the understandings to arise.

As the Vision becomes, to some extent, received, don’t just extract that value and hand it through to management to disperse to the implementation team.

Reward the Visionary. Acknowledge the delivery fully. Invite her onto the team. Invite his invoicing. Invite a Vision Engineering Budget proposal.

When not valued, the visionary tends to walk away.
Visionary has lots of field to play in.

Implementers will need that vision leadership through the life of the project.

Continuous hand shaking of Vision Engineering, Management, and Implementation.
Budget for that.

Visionaries don’t come cheap.
They always sit alongside the decision makers, not below, or above. This in not negotiable.

Mystics even more so. More of that in chapter 8.

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