John Saward – February 12, 2017 at 10:20AM

Almost Perfect People

J.D.Saward, June 25, 2014

The day they met on the plane over the Atlantic he had told her, as he snuggled his knee against hers, ‘I get cranky sometimes and worry about money sometimes. Other than that I am perfect.’

But she did not believe him about the perfection, and before the flight landed in Paris she determined to keep him, and love him, and show him how he could become a better person.

Later, many years later, long after the divorce papers came through, she realised that he had told her the truth.

She missed him now in the coldness of the nights, and in the journeying of her mind, and in the openings of her heart. She could not summons up the energy to meet another man. She began to think she was not, after all, built to show a man how to be a better person.

She considered that perhaps aside from her inclination to regret, and her not quite right breasts, she might deep down be perfect also.

She wondered if perhaps she would ever see him again.

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