John Saward – February 10, 2017 at 07:16AM

Summary of website development community client feedback.

Oh THIS keeps me going! (And the money. lets not forget the money.)

Pretty Brilliant !!

Wow! That is great! Checking it out on my phone now. So wonderful to be mobile friendly – important step forward.

Thanks folks for an awesome rebuild.

Wow…….congratulations and well done. This is exactly what I was hoping for. You have all done a wonderful job and I think it is great.
What a great way to get our programs out there.

Certainly an improvement. Well done.

excellent – looks great!!!

Just had a quick squiz…..looking professional, clear, clean lines, easy to access information.
Using mobile phone.
Great images…. Big improvement
Thank you everyone involved.

Well done to everyone involved in creating the new

Loving the new website – well done … all involved in any way.

I’m loving the positive feedback we are getting about the new website.

Well done with the new website.

Great job!

Looks amazing.

Looks fabulous. Well done team. 🤘🏽Yes there might need to be an update on Facebook, Instagram and Linked In.
Thankyou for your support and dedication.

Looks wonderful, congrats to all who made it happen!

Wow! This new site feels so alive, vibrant and inviting. Easy to understand. Well done!!

It looks and feels very vibrant, clear and inviting. Great job to all those involved!!
With the new website I feel a new energy and excitement about the future.
A big round of applause everyone!

Fine web design.

Funky new look. Well done.

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