John Saward – January 30, 2017 at 11:30AM

John Saward
January 30, 2016 at 5:22pm · Melbourne ·

So my muse is now telling me we are back on track. The advaitic troll infestation is clearing up well. The people are now reminded this is not a normal facebook wall. It is a writers studio. Pehaps a theatre of the absurb. The people now realise it is futile to remain in a theatre where they are expecting the storytelling to be something other than what arises. People are free to leave.

The last performance piece entitled ‘Zen and the Art of Troll Fishing’ was confusing to some. That’s to be expected. Here we offer a perspective that is unique. The trolls wanted it watered down into what we call parrot spirituality. The energy is returning.

It is now clear to me why my muse was on an extended break. She needed to handle the trolls in another dimension. She just called out to tell the people to remember this very paragraph is fiction. I do.

Now she starts to inform me the next piece will be a beginning of my memoirs. I call back to her. ‘Hey i hope there is no hurry with that’. She smiles energetically and says, ‘you never know, happy 62 for next week by the way’.

She dissipates. With no more instruction from her the curtain on the little stage falls and the house lights come up.

Popcorn will now be served.

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