John Saward – January 27, 2017 at 12:16PM

John Saward
October 8, 2015 at 9:09am · Melbourne ·

The young man hung his head, sighed, and complained, “What’s the point of life anyway?”

The older man smiled kindly, and replied, “The point of life right now is for you to ask what is the point.”

The younger man fidgeted in an irritated way and then said, “I mean, what is the answer to what is the point?”

“The answer is the noticing that you do not find a satisfactory answer.”

The young man turned to go. He tried one more time, “Old man, when you were my age did you find an answer that satisfied?”

“No, I did not,” the old man offered. “And you know what?”


“I am glad I did not.”

The young man was silent. He was tired of this. His eyes turned into fireballs and the older man felt the heat. The older man searched his mind for a completion that might convince the younger man a point to life is not needed, and our freedom lies in that. He could not find such a completion. He recognised that his own freedom had come only after many many years of slavery to his own notions of the point. Now the old man sighed.

The young man asked, “What’s up old man?”

The older man sighed again, and then said, “The sky is up.”

They both looked up at the sky, and in that moment a seagull flew over their heads and cawed.

“Come fly with me”, they both clearly heard the seagull call.

The young man smiled now. This old man was not as daft as he appeared to be. However did he get this seagull to come along at this very moment?

The old man was thinking, “How come these seagulls always appear at the right moment?”

The seagull though was thinking, “I’m outta here, those guys don’t have a snack between them.” And off he flew to the next mob of humans.

God looked down and was well pleased. “This all went well,” he reflected. “I wonder where it is heading.”

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