John Saward – January 13, 2017 at 07:06AM

“It’s the patterns, you know.” He said, peering at her over his iced coffee.

She wondered why guys just don’t introduce themselves first, as her mother assured her would be the case. She liked the look of this young man and God Forbid she needed to find her husband soon before she turned 30 and was forever left on the shelf. So she raised her head from her book and looked at the eager male specimen opposite her.

“Indeed”, she offered.

He was gesturing at the cover of her paperback, “The Matrix for Dummies”. He was grinning. She also could see the joke and smiled demurely.

“Do you see that we have to notice the patterns but let go of them at the same time?” he asked.

She paused. Well, he does jump right in, she thought, and I don’t have much time to waste.

So she returned her thoughts, as her offer to engage. “Yes, the future of humanity and the entire world depends on it. We have to escalate into the next vibrational dimension soon or face multiple species extinction”.

And soon they were happily discussing The Matrix and Aliens and 5-D and Conspiracy Theories. It was good to find common beliefs and attitudes.

She wondered if that would be sufficient basis for a good marriage. She hoped he would ask her soon.

J.D.Saward 2014.

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