John Saward – January 11, 2017 at 05:08PM

From the Handbook, “Qualifications of the Mystic”

‘We suppose one must be able to identify Spirit and allow the transmission of energies and message to arise from such, without recourse to the logical circuits that the human brain is hard-wired to consider as optimal.

And also one must be unwavering in one’s claim to be self-qualified. For the Mystic Masters’ accreditation body is nowhere to be found.

It goes without saying that the mystic is one who has dived deep into psychological self-process and into emotional body-work and into Soul journeying and beyond, and can leave all that behind for the duration of an infinite moment.

The mystic, to be qualified, knows at once how to see the bottomming despair of the human condition to be as real as the glorious peaks, and to hold both together as one, and to remain placidly restful floating on the surface of All.

And in all this, the Mystic must be able to Know and Embrace and Dance with, the silent One.

In this way the Mystic Knows the self-qualification has been granted. And the recognition of qualification from others is unnecessary. There is no verifiable transmission of Mystic Achievement, or lineage. All such is but play.’

The handbook goes on to explain that The Mystic will see all as symbolic. A literal mystic is a contradiction in terms.

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