John Saward – January 05, 2017 at 11:24AM

Some extracts from ‘On that new found spring morning’

(C) J.D.Saward 2014 – 2017

Development 3 – 14/5/14 – Wyuna, and Lygon Food Mall.

1. The moving on of an ancient traveller, who wore out his fascination with being a poet.

On that new-found spring morning he wondered how it would be to take only his small shoulder bag and walk to the interstate railway station and catch the first train to leave, and sit in that train until it came time to alight at the terminus of that service. Not for a holiday but as a walking out of one life-bubble into another. He fascinated himself with the thought that life is perhaps not so much a journey to be taken, but more like a set of immersive experience scenarios that form in the mind of the one who does nothing.


He hung a sign on his front door, ‘Free House to Who Next Needs Some Shelter’. He walked contentedly to the train station and looked at the departures screen, and bought himself a ticket to the next scenario.

2.4 The vigilance required to remain in touch with the departed.

In the house of their father, the twins, Gail and Grant, silently wept. They sat by the inert body. They looked at each other. Without speaking or moving they hugged each other inside their minds and determined to find the way together to where their father had gone. They never had mentioned to anyone their belief that …

Belinda reached out to touch her brother’s face. It was cold like the skin of the children she had touched in the war-zone hospital when she had volunteered her services as a nurses-aid before settling down to her life of predictable sanctuary and success. Colin came into the room and gasped. He called out to Stan, “Dad! Is Uncle Brian really dead?”


3. The new situation that escapes the knowledge of the ones left behind.

By this time He Who Had Been Brian the Poet was already resident in the ‘Luciferic Community of Artistic Saints, Light Bringers and Kindly Charlatans’ in the northern capital city where his train-ride had taken him. Five years had passed in the new situation while only a month had gone by in the scenario left behind, in that strange way that can happen in the lives of those who are fully connected into The One Who Does Nothing.


He had changed his name to Fidolio the Fire-Prince, and no longer wrote poetry, instead, expressing his unique perception of life by firing up seemingly spontaneous, softly erotic, 3-D light and cartoon shows, reminiscent of Japanese ecchi anime, above the galleries and cafes and dance-clubs and brothels of the city.


He welcomed the input of Brian the Poet into the creation of this current reality and did not think of it as Brian having died and He as the light-prince taking his place – more like the same soul and brain cleansing itself of redundant memories and habits that no longer served and placing those memories in the background of infrequent-access-storage and thus allowing a new set of perceptual and cognitive structural opportunities to arise into working memory, and into the What Arises As Reality.



Interlude – where the Character who was Fidolio the Fire-Prince begins to explain his journey to those gathered around the campfire:

Q. Explain the difference between reincarnation and eternally continuous situational morphing.

A. In the reincarnation scenario death leads to rebirth in a new body and a new life is begun and proceeds until death. Repeat.
In eternally continuous situational morphing, when you are ready to move on, death may appear to happen to you from the point of view of onlookers, but to yourself, from your own perspective, you slide forward into a newer version of the life situation you were in.
You don’t start again as a baby you proceed from the age you are. It is like sliding across into a new universe. A universe that is temporarily parallel to your familiar well trodden universe but which will very surely diverge onto a new and unknown trajectory of possibility. A new situation.

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