John Saward – December 30, 2016 at 08:52AM

My novel “Protectors of the Illumination Stream” is not forgotten. Abandoned temporally half written, still waiting quite unreasonably for its patron to sign up.

here is a small section of it from the November 2014 Draft:

But as he went through the initial steps of justifying his proposal I began to take interest.

Almost everyone I discussed it with in the Department and amongst my wider colleague circles were of the mind that Physicality precedes Consciousness.

The universality of that assumption began to grate on my mind. I determined to do the reading myself.

As I immersed myself in various papers in line with what the young man was proposing I began to be informed that in some ancient cultures the notion of physicality – and thus by extension the whole field of Biochemistry – exists as some sort of cinematic backdrop to the dreaming of an eternal and independent mind.

As I went further into various ancient texts I felt led – as scientists always feel led – towards the body of knowledge that most addressed the notion being wrestled with, in my case, the primacy of consciousness.

I fell into, and began to read more and more of, the literature of the various Tibetan streams of ancient wisdom. I began to understand the notion of Bardo.

And I also began to understand the course my life had taken, and in particular the legacy my mother had left me.

The trout of the bardo was stirring, creating ripples in my mind stream.

I decided to go to the staff bar for some normal conversation.

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